Twin Oaks RV Park in Georgia is featured in USA Today!

Twin Oaks RV Park in Georgia featured in USA TodayNot long ago, there was a day when all kinds of crazy things happened. There were two tractor-trailers that tangled big time on GA 26 at the bridge near our RV park in Georgia and tumbled down the embankment onto I-75, taking out all of the power lines and shutting down the highway along with all of our electricity for several hours. (Miraculously and thankfully, no one was hurt!)

Later, Twin Oaks RV Park manager Lisa got a call in the office from a reporter from USA Today named Jayne O’Donnell. Jayne said she had a reservation at Twin Oaks RV Park in Georgia — her first stop after renting an RV for her reporting assignment, but was running late due to the accident. Of course, Lisa told her that was no problem and that they would watch for her to arrive. She did arrive a while later, with a team of teenaged girls softball players! Jayne was tired and new to RVing, so she was nervous about hooking up her rig. Lisa assured her that RVers are the most helpful people on the planet and all she had to do was stand outside her rig and look confused and helpless and she would find a team of support. She did as Lisa instructed – and the support flocked to her, led by Lisa’s husband, and co-manager, Mike. Soon she was set up and ready to settle in.

But to all of our wonderful surprise, the next week, we got an email from our insurance agent saying that she had seen our little RV Park in Georgia featured in USA Today! We couldn’t believe it and sure enough, when we Googled it, we found a wonderful, heartwarming story about Jayne’s visit to Twin Oaks and how all of our wonderful staff and residents helped her out and made her feel at home. No surprise to us – but you all made a terrific impression on Jayne.

Thanks to everyone at Twin Oaks — for just plain, being you!!*

Read Jaynes’ whole article and scroll through her pictures here >> RV for newbies: Fun and fellowship of life on the road

**Special thanks to our residents and campers, Andy “The Chicken Whisperer” Schneider, along with Larry Smith and Ernie Gaines!


We look forward to reading more about Jayne’s newbie RVing adventures on the road!

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  • SJHS

    Halfway to everywhere! Twin Oaks RV Park is the best! It is clean, comfortable and friendly, with plenty of shade and sunshine.

    Twin Oaks’ saline pool is amazing! You will never want to swim in a chlorine [holding nose!] pool again. A saline pool is buoyant. It won’t cause your swimsuit to eventually shred. If you “do a little something” to your hair, your hair won’t turn funny colors when you swim in saline. And your skin won’t feel icky. You will love being in a clean saline pool!

    If you don’t have an RV, don’t worry. Twin Oaks has a couple of the cutest little cabins you would ever want to stay in. Clean, comfortable and fully furnished with everything you will need. You will have to bring your own clothes and toiletries, though.

    If your RV is small and doesn’t have “all the facilities,” you will be delighted by Twin Oaks’ two bath houses. One on each side of the park; both clean and well lit. Who knew a hot shower could feel so good! The cabins, of course, have their own bathrooms.

    From time to time, Twin Oaks has a celebration, anchored by a potluck. Everyone is invited; make and bring your favorite recipe — the one you have made so many times you know it by heart. Before the meal is half over, you will be glad you came! If you are lucky, you will be on site for Twin Oaks’ next potluck. If you miss it … well, Twin Oaks is, as they say, “halfway to everywhere.” So stop in on your way back through South Georgia.

    Reservations are strongly suggested.

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