Over 62? Sign up for the deal of the century – the Golden Age national parks pass for seniors

Golden Age National Parks Pass

Over 62? Gain entrance to our national parks for a one-time fee of $10 with the Golden Age Passport.

Are you 62 years old or older? Well, we have good news! You may already be aware of this, but once you turn 62 you are eligible for a lifetime “America the Beautiful” national parks pass at the low one time cost of $10. Ten Dollars! For national park access for the rest of your life!

The $10.00 lifetime national parks pass provides access to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by five Federal agencies – including the Andersonville National Historic Site, a 25 mile drive from Twin Oaks. 100% of the proceeds are used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services.  (NOTE: Get yours before August 28, 2017 – as the price increases then!!)

UPDATE! Big news >> Price increasing for senior passes at national parks

National parks senior park passThe new cost for the lifetime pass for seniors, scheduled to go in effect on August 28, 2017, will be $80, which is still a good deal — after all, it’s good for the rest of your life! There is also an annual senior pass available for $20. Four annual Senior Passes purchased in consecutive years can be traded in for a lifetime pass. The pass is also being renamed the “America the Beautiful Senior Pass” and has a pretty new picture of a desert flower instead of the more formal-looking former Golden Age card.  CLICK HERE to order your senior pass online.  For a list of places to purchase your pass in person, CLICK HERE.

In addition – the lifetime “Access Pass” for disabled citizens is FREE and can be acquired by CLICKING HERE. And there’s more – you can get a free pass if you are active military, volunteer 250 hours or more in a national park or if you are a current 4th grade student! (September-August of your 4th grade year.) CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS through the Every Kid in a Park program! Cool!!

The regular, annual pass has increased from $50 to $80 and can be acquired by CLICKING HERE.

Even with the rate increases, the deals are still sweet and our parks are still a national treasure not to be missed!! Our family traveled over 8,500 of this beautiful country and visited 29 national parks on our $50 annual pass! We still consider it the deal and experience of the century! CLICK HERE to read about it!

More on the America the Beautiful – National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass >>

At many sites the Senior National Parks Pass provides the pass owner a discount of up to 50% on Expanded Amenity Fees (such as camping, swimming, boat launching, and guided tours).

The Forest Service, the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation honor the Senior Pass at sites where Entrance or Standard Amenity Fee(s) are charged.

Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Fish and Wildlife Service
USDA Forest Service
National Park Service

In addition, the Corps of Engineers and Tennessee Valley Authority may honor the Senior National Parks Pass for entrance or camping discounts.

The Senior Pass admits pass owner/s and passengers in a non-commercial vehicle at per-vehicle fee areas and pass owner + 3 adults, not to exceed 4 adults, where per-person fees are charged. (Children under 16 are always admitted free.) Photo identification will be requested to verify pass ownership.

The national parks pass program is managed by five Federal agencies that operate under different regulations and have different fees. Therefore, the discount program for the Senior Pass is not handled in the same way on all Federal recreation lands.

In general discounts are honored as follows:

  • Individual Campsites: The discount only applies to the fee for the campsite physically occupied by the pass owner, not to any additional campsite(s) occupied by members of the pass owner’s party.
  • Campsites with Utility Hookups: If utility fees are charged separately, there is no discount. The discount may apply if the utility fee is combined (seamless) with the campsite fee.
  • Group Campsites and Facilities: (including, but not limited to, group facilities, picnic areas or pavilions): There is no discount for group campsites and other group facilities that charge a flat fee. If the group campsite has a per person fee rate, only the pass owner receives a discount; others using the site pay the full fee.
  • Guided Tours: The pass offers discounts on some guided tours. Only the pass owner receives a discount if one is offered.
  • Transportation Systems: (Inquire Locally)
  • Concessionaire Fees: (Inquire Locally)
  • Special Use Permit Fees: (Inquire Locally)

What a deal!! The next time you are near a national park or historic site, purchase a Golden Age national parks pass for $10 $80 and start a tour of national parks!

[List of national parks selling the “America the Beautiful” Golden Eagle senior discount pass]
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  • Vanessa Morales

    The link to the pass issuance list is broken. I found a working link to the file – how can attach in the comments?

    • Sue

      Thanks for the heads up! I’ll fix it.

  • Troy Gibbons

    How do we get the 50% discount on camping. Twice we have reserved camping spot and the system would not accept our number . But reserving for my Dad who has the golden pass his reservation gave him the discount??

    • Sue

      This has to do with the national parks. We are not sure how you get discounts. Here at Twin Oaks we accept Good Sam, FMCA, AAA, AARP, military and veteran cards for 10% off.

    • Sue

      Gosh Troy, we really don’t know the answer to that. The pass is only valid at National Parks, so you will need to ask at a National Park. They are very helpful folk – let us all know what you find out!

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