Happy New Year! Make a Resolution to Never Get Lost Again by Using the Magellan RV GPS from Camping World!

Happy New Year to all of our family and friends at Twin Oaks RV Park! We are so blessed to have so many loyal friends and customers at Twin Oaks. We enjoyed your visits to and from your summer and winter destinations, your road tours, your long-term stop-overs or your short-term stays due to a work assignment in 2016. We appreciate and enjoy each and every one of you and truly consider you friends. Here’s to a fun and enjoyable RVing 2017!

Magellan RV GPS device from Camping WorldWe do hope that you are all making plans to get out there and hit the road in 2017 in an effort to see this great big beautiful country of ours. If you are doing this in an RV of any significant size, we recommend using using the Magellan RV GPS from Camping World. This gizmo is designed specifically for RVers and will prevent you from going down the wrong road in a big rig. In addition, they have pre-loaded all of the Good Sam parks, making it easy to make a decision about where to stay on your journey. Our customers who use the device have all had good things to say about it. The Magellan RV GPS from Camping World is on sale now so go on and get yours today! Below is the description from the Camping World website:

Built especially for drivers of motorhomes or those towing trailers, with even more handy convenience and safety features for RV navigation.

Preloaded with the Good Sam Travel Guide & Campground Directory so you can find all the parks and campgrounds offering the Good Sam discount. Provides turn-by-turn visual and audible directions with auto rerouting if you miss a turn or exit. Customize your route for your RV size, type and driving preferences to avoid bridges, tunnels, low clearances, unpaved roads and more

More Helpful Features for RVs!

  • NEW! RV dump station locator shows you where to empty holding tanks
  • NEW! AAA TourBook helps you find scenic routes and interesting places to visit
  • NEW! Landmark Guidance directs you using visible landmarks for more intuitive navigation
  • NEW! Traffic camera alerts and speed limit warnings help you drive safer
  • NEW! Two-turn visibility prepares you for next turn so you stay in or enter correct lane
  • NEW! Junction View and Lane Assist guide you to the correct lane for turns and exits
  • Wireless backup camera compatible (sold separately) for easier backing and parking
  • Heavy-duty extension mount designed for deeper vehicle dashboards
  • Rechargeable battery for portable use in another vehicle such as your tow-behind
  • Fuel station listings help you easily locate diesel or gas while on the road
  • Exit information on available amenities and services at each exit
  • OneTouch Favorites Menu lets you locate your personal favorite locations with just a touch
  • Personalized POIs show preferred fuel brands, restaurants, rest stops and more ahead
  • Geotag navigation using latitude and longitude—no address needed
  • Bluetooth compatible for safer hands-free calling using a Bluetooth-equipped phone
  • FREE real-time traffic alerts help you avoid traffic jams, construction zones and delays
  • FREE lifetime map updates for the most up-to-date road information available
  • Maps of U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

– See more at: Magellan RV GPS from Camping World

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