Check out this amazing storage container for sale that will zip up your life!

One of a kind 45' storage container for sale

45′ storage container for sale

One of a kind custom-built 45’ Insulated Storage Container for sale!

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get organized? Then you will love this one of a kind custom-built 45’ Insulated Storage Container for sale! A couple of our long-time, regular RV friends, who live in a gorgeous RV park in Naples, Florida called Crystal Lake RV Resort, are getting ready to make the move from their many years living on the road as professional wildlife photographers, to a home without wheels in a lovely community in Georgia. They are meticulous keepers of their property in every way, so whomever buys from them will be a fortunate recipient of perfection!

The first item up for sale is an impressive insulated refrigerator/freezer shipping container that has been converted into an extraordinarily functional storage facility. This 45′ storage container for sale is located in the storage area of Crystal Lake RV Park in Naples, Florida and must be professionally moved from the site by truck to your location.

The storage container is a rare gem that enjoys marvelous upgrades and extras. The list is extensive with benefits such as >>

  • Exterior is painted with two-part dark green epoxy paint.
  • The roof is painted with a premium formula white roofing paint.
  • The Insulated Container Manufacturer provided the structural modifications to us.

45' storage trailer for sale

  • At one end there are a pair of thick insulated doors that open out and padlock shut.
  • On the inside hanging on each of the insulated doors are two aluminum ramps.
  • There is a 3’ wide steel side entry door, with a Schlage lock & dead bolt keyed alike.
  • On the opposite end of the insulated container there is a diamond plate aluminum generator housing, with an automated fan and shutter to eliminate exhaust gases.
  • It has a 6.5 KW Honda remote start gas generator mounted to a slide out.
  • Using a key the generator can be started from the key switch located next to the side entry door.
  • There is a marine gasoline fill port mounted thru the roof of the generator housing.
  • Mounted up on the roof, above the generator housing is a marine grade solar powered trickle charger, keeping the generator battery charged.
  • Inside there is an electric breaker panel; it plugs into the twist lock plug socket on the face of the Honda generator, or into a 30 AMP extension cord, that can then be plugged into a normal 30 amp electrical outlet.
  • The ceiling is white with a series of 48” two tube daylight florescent light fixtures down the length of the 40’ ceiling.
  • Mounted in the wall above the diamond plate aluminum generator housing there is a room air conditioner, plugged in to a switched receptacle inside, or used with a remote control, as needed. 45' storage container with Fort Knox safe for sale
  • Inside in a front corner sits a large “unmarked” 37”W X 27”D X 66”H Dark Green accented in Gold Fort Knox Combination Dial Gun Vault; it sits inside, behind the diamond plate aluminum generator housing on the outside.
  • The interior walls are unmarked; made from brushed stainless steel.
  • The floor is made of heavy aluminum T-Rail that allows for air circulation. The center aisle has sheet aluminum screwed to the main T-Rail floor for easy standing and walking.
  • The interior of the insulated container is organized on one side with a 4’ work table and shelving floor to ceiling, to just beyond the side entry door. The opposite side begins with the gun vault to shelving above and below the heavy duty garment hanging bar, finishing with a lockable 4 drawer letter sized file cabinet that is boxed in with high grade ¾” plywood. The electric panel is mounted to the wall on your left just above the filing cabinet and shelf. The raw edges of the ¾” plywood through the storage container are trimmed out in flat ¼” X ¾”mouldings. Select 2” X 4”’s are used for the vertical stanchions. The ¼” heavy aluminum angle brackets are first riveted to the stainless steel walls the plywood etc. is fastened with screws to the opposing sides of the heavy duty ¼” aluminum angle brackets. Walking in the side entry door to your right is a 48”W X 24”D X 96”T cabinet with a pair of doors that swing out. The remaining 14’ is for open storage of a 4 wheeler or a golf cart, etc. There are numerous electrical receptacles thought the interior of the insulated storage container. 45' storage container for sale
  • In South West Florida on the hottest day of the year the interior temperature will not exceed 75 degrees and remains insect free. Hanging clothes do not yellow!

Allow your imagination to ponder the functional uses of this storage container for sale! It can be anything you want it to be! A hunting camp, a job-site office trailer, a workshop, a storage container or a well secured weekend retreat! This storage container for sale is currently located in Naples, Florida. Container weighs over 10,000 pounds and will require a crane lift and tractor-trailer to take it to your location! This is a very special item to purchase. Asking $25,000 for this hurricane/tornado-safe storage unit. Offers accepted. Please email Tim & Barbara at to learn more or to schedule a visit.

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